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Lisa Noonis
I strive to paint the way my mother cooks.

The process is absorbing, spiritual, sometimes transcendent—and complete only when artist and viewer, cook and eater, are invested in the outcome.

My goal is to initiate shared experiences that will be enjoyed again and again. For that reason, my paintings are never too finished; in fact, they succeed only when there are conceptual spaces for the viewer to fill. There’s no right or wrong way to accomplish this.

In contributing my half of the shared experience, I engage fully with my inspiration, nearly forgetting myself and reacting directly to what’s occurring on the canvas. I revel in bold colors, generous amounts of paint, applied with big brushes and palette knives. I look for the essence of the subject, its truth, more than its details. Rather than rein in this state, I work to sustain it.

If you stand close to one of my paintings, you should begin to feel the way I felt while painting it. If you step back, we can resolve the image together.

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