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Anna Jaap
My earliest memories are of light and of color – I’m keenly aware of my visual experience. As an artist, I work with primarily with the structural relationships found in nature. Its complex, elegant order draws me back again and again. I particularly enjoy the interrelationship of organic forms at the microscopic level, and the dichotomy of opposites maintaining balance.

The work itself is process driven - multilayered surfaces composed over time with acrylic, charcoal, transfer drawings, and other mediums. Biology and medical texts, vintage fabrics and textiles, elements from the decorative arts, and my own botanical photography are among my reference materials; the classical structure of the landscape is often the underlying framework for composition. I tend to work in series, and find the work is always moving---much like a river.

My goal is that the work be a place where viewers can connect more fully to what is beautiful in the world around them, and also within themselves.
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