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Joseph Adolphe

Regardless of the subject matter, Joseph's approach to painting is always a visceral and physical confrontation with the paint, himself and the world. Painting in a classic expressionistic style he infuses his work with an explosive sense of desperation, often scraping out and removing more paint than is left on the canvas. In an attempt to "capture not just the created thing, but the forces that shape the created thing" he has developed his technique to a point where he insists that 'one paints how one lives life’

Paintings representing such diverse themes as bombs, flowers, bulls, crumpled fabric or paper and pretty girls in water all carry his signature style of ferocious mark-making and explosive compositions. To the casual viewer, these themes seem unrelated to each other except in technique, but to the careful observer they in fact are all intimately related to each other, like pieces of a puzzle, or fragments of a story that has not been fully told. In fact, Joseph has always maintained that he paints the same things over and over, just in different ways--as if 'I'm trying to more clearly understand and describe my world and my place in purpose for being here at all.'

'All of my paintings are self-portraits.... psychologically speaking. They are a manifestation of my personal failings, my vices and fears--my joys, ambitions and dreams--I suppose that by that definition they are, for lack of a better word, prayers'.
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