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John Denning
Since my student days at the Los Angeles Art Center School in the 50’s, where I discovered drawing with live models, I have been fascinated by the human figure. My background in the arts is rooted in painting and drawing with a particular emphasis on watercolor with vibrant colors.

I started sculpting in bronze in the 90's, when my wife Brigitte and I founded a sculpture gallery In Berkeley, CA. When curating bronzes for one of our exhibitions, I thought: "I know I can do this" and my first bronze was a life-sized work, Woman with Birds, which I sold almost immediately. In my sculptures, the worn figures express fragility, motion and entropy: everything and everyone constantly changes. It is especially important for me to express this, since I live in a death-denying society. Like worn and weathered stone, I hope my sculptures are reminders that nothing is permanent.

I have been inspired by painters Nathan Olivera, Richard Diebenkorn, Francis Bacon, and sculptors such as Manuel Neri and Stephen De Staebler. Read more

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