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Brandon Blane McMillan
Brandon Blane McMillan was born and raised in South Georgia and grew up on a tobacco farm. Dividing his time between the joys and rigors of fatherhood, farming, and his family’s restaurant, he works from a small studio creating mixed media representations that seamlessly meld the divide between hyperrealism and abstraction. His bold imagery is a manifestation of a life spent amongst windy spaces, falling barns, and pastureland where he captures the slow ruination of nostalgia and heritage. His work is not so much about the image itself, as it is an illuminant into the rhythmic memories of the landscape. His work often displays an animalistic ferocity yet maintains subtle renderings of stories heard long ago, sublimating nostalgia for those lost places, producing work that defies the finite while attaining “depth by layering.” His process and his “history of marks” is much about what’s beneath and unseen. It becomes as momentous as the final translation received by the viewer. Read more

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